This year’s User Conference is extra special… Not only are we planning an intense 2-day workshop to share successes, boost skills, and connect with other users from peer institutions, but we are celebrating our 20th anniversary!

Since the formation of Call 4 Health by our CEO, Joe Pores and CFO, Nick Koutrakos in 1997, the company has grown rapidly each year as concern for the advancement of patient services nationwide begins to take precedence in the healthcare industry.

By uses state-of-the-art technological initiatives to process up to 30,000 calls daily for 1,253 clients, creating a solution to the demand put on large health systems and hospitals by the Affordable Care Act and the cut back on reimbursement rates. These legislations began to prevent the healthcare industry from hiring internally to respond to the demand, creating a significant need for the services we offer.

Over the past 20 years, a significant number of achievements have taken place at Call 4 Health: - We have continually added employees, growing its staff to more than 400 - Currently looking to expand locations throughout the U.S. - Over the last decade, we have added new solutions, such as a nurse triage solution with licensed registered nurses who can assess and respond to patients 24/7

We’re planning a full schedule of training sessions, networking opportunities, and entertainment. We hope to see you all there!